If you have been in more than one chiropractic office you may have seen that not all offices are the same. Though we may not all offer the same services there is a general lifestyle that we live. We are the weird ones that have a tendency to scrutinize the ingredients of any product we are considering buying and you will rarely see a chiropractor buying a medication. Yes that’s right, I would rather suffer through a headache and get my spine checked than take a pill to mask the pain. We live by an understanding that the body is a self regulating, self healing organism that knows what to do, it simply needs to have no interference in the communication from the brain to the body.

My daughter contracted a stomach virus a few days ago. My wife woke me up to let me know she was throwing up. My gut reaction was to roll over and check her spine for subluxation. It was not my belief that an adjustment would instantly cure her or remove the virus. I have the understanding that her body was made with an immune system that will take care of the virus on its own and I checked her spine to make sure that her brain had full uninterrupted communication with her body in order to allow it to do its job. She threw up 8 times the first day, of course we hated to see her in pain and my wife worried a lot but I kept her reassured that vomit is just her body’s way of removing the bug. She got a great nights sleep and threw up in the morning but she then felt better and ready to play. I have heard from people in the community that there is a stomach bug going around and it takes about a week to recover. Now there is no guarantee that she had the same bug that I have heard about, nonetheless it amazes me to see what the body is capable of doing at its full potential.

Yes, chiropractors are the weird ones that have faith in the human body, care what they put in their bodies and get adjusted before seeking medicine. Don’t get me wrong, I fully believe that there is a time and place for medicine and I am grateful for it when I need it (ie. Tallia’s heart surgeries and major car accidents, ect.) I do however feel that our society has become so far removed from nature that it has become natural to run to the doctor for things that our body knows how to handle.

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
― Thomas A. Edison