I Am a Cross Between a Scientist and a Mechanic

When people ask me what I do I like to tell them I am a cross between a scientist and a mechanic. These are two things that may sound counter intuitive to be combined into a single profession. A scientist is a seeker of knowledge and they use the scientific method to obtain knowledge. I am a scientist that works with the mechanics of the human body. As a DC I use my keen interest in how the human body works to learn how to keep it working. Just as a car mechanic learns every part of a car in order to determine when something is out of place a chiropractor learns every part of the human body in order to determine when something is out of place. When there is a bone out of place in the human body it interferes with the communication in the nervous system that is being transmitted from the brain to the body. As a science we know so much about the human body yet there are so many things that are still to be discovered. Human potential is immeasurable, it is not possible to predict what the entire outcome of an adjustment of a misaligned bone will do in each body. As a mechanic, I have the skills to find the misaligned bone in your spine that is interfering with your nervous system and put it back into place. As a scientist, I know that your body will thrive with proper communication between your brain and your body. As a human, I am always amazed at the changes that happen when human potential is freely expressed after the interference has been removed. Everyone who wishes to express optimum potential should see a chiropractor to make sure that there is no preventable interference.