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Dr. Tori Cunnea, D.C.

Dr. Tori Cunnea graduated from Sherman College in Spartanburg South Carolina. Prior to becoming a D.C., she attended Shorter College and attained a BS in biology. She grew up in Port St. Lucie Florida and is excited to be returning to the area to serve the people of the great sunshine state.

Dr. Tori has seen several family members suffer from illnesses and helped with household things for them when possible. For this reason she has always wanted to help people and break away from the sickness cycle. She met a Doctor at the health fair in college and fell in love with it when she found that there was a way to help the body unleash its ability to heal itself.

Dr. Tori became interested in upper cervical while in her first upper cervical class. The professor explained that with moving the top bone into its proper place the body was enabled to realign the rest of the spine. To her it made sense that because healing comes from above-down and inside-out the Doctor should use the least amount of outside-in force as possible to enable the body to heal. She attended several upper cervical seminars to gain a better understanding of this form of practice including certification in the Grostic Technique.

Halley Cunnea
Chiropractic Assistant

Tallia Cunnea
Greeter & Entertainer