Sports Package

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The human body is designed for motion. Playing sports entails many repetitive motions which cause microtraumas to the tissues of the body. These added stresses on the body can cause joints to misalign and cause abnormal motion or even lack of motion. We help you keep the motion your body is intended to have. At Optimum Potential Chiropractic this is done through:


One of the largest culprits of spinal misalignment is tight musculature. Heavy amounts of physical activity can leave you with lactic acid build up causing tight musculature. It is recommended that people with high levels of physical activity are passively stretched before their adjustment, allowing the alignment to hold longer.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Taping is a technique that will be used on an area that is found to be weak to help stabilize it. It will also be used on a sign of acute improve healing time.


Adjustments are standard care for all members of Optimum Potential Chiropractic. Read more about them on the services page.


Nutrition plays a key role in your overall health, your performance, and your ability to hold your alignment. Recommendations on eating habits, water intake, and supplements will be discussed throughout care.

Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy has risen in popularity over the last few decades due to its significant healing properties. It brings tremendous healing benefits for acute injury rehab and chronic pain relief. Its therapeutic qualities make it especially effective for treating sports injuries. However, anyone who is dealing with chronic pain or muscle injury can benefit from this innovative treatment.

What Exactly is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a safe, gentle and non-invasive healing modality. A low-level laser is used to increase circulation and functionality in the affected area. Swelling and muscle spasms are also reduced. While cold laser therapy, also referred to as light therapy, is a state of the art treatment, it was actually first developed back in the 1960s. Light therapy has been used to heal tissues, bones and outer wounds for decades. It also helps to reduce inflammation and the effects of many chronic illnesses. The healing benefits of cold laser therapy are especially helpful for athletes and active persons. Those who have suffered from sports injuries can be prone to a range of symptoms, including stiffness, loss of mobility and chronic pain. Tissue damage and the buildup of scar tissue are major factors in these symptoms.

Cold Laser Therapy Brings Chronic Pain Relief, Acute Injury Rehab

Cold laser therapy works at the cellular level, bringing pain relief as well as deep healing of the tissues. As inflammation is reduced and tissues are regenerated, healing is expedited. Optimum Potential Chiropractic has a TQ solo cold laser therapy unit for our clinic which is included in the sports package. We look forward to sharing the many healing benefits of this innovative therapy with all of our clients. If you are an athlete or active person, cold laser therapy can be particularly beneficial to you. It can expedite healing times dramatically while reducing pain. Cold laser therapy is an ideal complement to chiropractic care, and the combination can result in a reduced chance of additional injury going forward.

Optimum Potential Chiropractic is your source for chiropractic care as well as supportive healing modalities like cold laser therapy. The basis of our chiropractic approach is to assess the spine for nerve interference and remove it when found. The atmosphere in our healing center is inviting, comfortable and focused completely on your well being.