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Your initial visit fee includes your consultation, evaluation, and adjustment for $100.

Subsequent visits are $50


A chiropractic adjustment is done by hand with a gentle pressure to move the bone into the right direction. In some cases there may be a popping noise as the natural buildup of gasses are released but not in all cases.
It takes more than one adjustment to create muscle memory. After the initial care phase, it is good to maintain your alignment through regular care. It is not a requirement but you will notice a difference.
I want to have prices that are affordable that are easy to budget for the typical American family no matter how much care is needed.
Chiropractic makes sure that there is no interference in the nervous system so that the brain and body communicate properly so that you can heal and develop efficiently.

No, a referral is not needed.

Chiropractic is appropriate for all ages and adapted to each age. In fact my daughter has been checked and adjusted when needed since the day she was born.

Yes, in fact it is encouraged as your body is changing and more prone to losing alignment.

Everybody is unique and responds differently. We typically start at 2-3 times per week and reduce in frequency as your body holds the adjustment longer.

Chiropractic treats vertebral subluxations. This condition is an interference in the nervous system that results from misalignment. Side effects may include back pain, neck pain, tension headaches, migraines, constipation, ear infections, acid reflux, colic, torticollis, ect.

If you do not rest after an adjustment and simply go about your day you do not create muscle memory around the adjustment and it is prone to going back out of place.

We have a play area right next to the door of the resting room if your child would like to play as you rest. My wife, Halley, and daughter, Tallia, are happy to keep them company so you can get the best out of your adjustment.

Yes, if you want to build arthritis. When you adjust yourself, it sheers the bones across each other and causes them to break down quicker and cause arthritis.


To keep our fees as low as possible, we have chosen not to participate in insurance networks or Medicare. If you choose to receive care on a per visit basis, you may get a receipt for services received and paid for at the time of service. We do not file insurance claims or justify your chiropractic care to an insurance carrier. We cannot assure you that your carrier will reimburse you for our care.

Personal Injury

Florida is considered a no fault state therefore if you are in an auto accident your care is covered by your auto insurance policy.